Kids running

Oops, look like I’ve got to find a new chinrest.
Sophia, 11
New Westminster , British Columbia

um..... houston, we have a problem......ahhhh
Rachel, 10

Hello is this the the pizza place, your delivery man is late.
Abby, 12
Beaverlodge, Alberta

With luck I won't be hit, but with the state our trains are in you never know...
Abby, 12
Beaverlodge, Alberta

How much am I getting paid for this again?
Miriam, 12
Ottawa, Ontario

Just two hours to retirement! I can't wait- TRAIN!!
Nathaniel, 10
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Choo Choo! I wish I could be chewing some food right now...
Amber, 11
Saint Bernard's Jacques Fontaine, Newfoundland and Labrador

Can you please hurry up! My back is starting to itch.
Autumn, 10
Ottawa, Ontario

When will my shift be over? I forget what my job is it's been so long...
Ava, 12
Branchton, Ontario

I've been here for 10 seconds and I'm super bored.
Sean, 12
Montague , Prince Edward Island

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