Kids running

If this could only be in technicolour!
Peyton, 11
Ottawa, Ontario

How can I mix the right shade of green if I have ants in my pants?
Ellie, 10
grande prairie, Alberta

Bah! These cows don't stay still.
Dylan, 11
Richard, Saskatchewan

After she sees this picture, the Mona Lisa will no longer be smiling!
Miriam , 12
Ottawa, Ontario

Could you hold that car crash for one sec?
Judah, 9
Ottawa, Ontario

So Emily Carr thinks she's such a good artist, does she? I'll show her!
Josiah, 11
Ottawa, Ontario

It's hard to concentrate with the road right behind me!
Ariana, 11
Strathmore, Alberta

I wish this picture was not in black and white so that I would have more colours to pick from!
Sammy, 13
Strathmore, Alberta

Look at me! I can do it with my eyes closed! He he he.
Payton, 12
Constance Bay, Ontario

If I keep this up I could become the next Bob Ross.
Owen, 12
Waterford, Ontario

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