Kids running

WOW! Look at the view! Dad's bald spot...
Katrina, 10
Beaverlodge, Alberta

Why am I sitting between a bunch of statues?
Clara, 12
Potsdam (Germany), Alberta

Where's the nearest rest stop?
Sonya, 11
Whitby, Ontario

Uh, that's not how you wear sunglasses.
Keane, 12
Calgary, Alberta

I don't know what is so good about sunglasses...
Lee-Anne, 9
Calgary, Alberta

Man, I wish I brought sunglasses!
Marren, 11
Steinbach, Manitoba

Seems strange to see a LION swimming in the water!
Davis, 8
Barrie, Ontario

I wish this boat could go faster! That man is swimming way faster then us.
Liam, 9
Belleville, Ontario

I thought we weren’t supposed to look straight at the sun.
Mowat, 10
Guelph, Ontario

Does every trip include taking pictures? I just want to get this boat trip over...
Kyle, 9
Markham, Ontario

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