Reading is awesome, but sometimes some pictures can help you learn and understand even more. Check out these links to see videos about the things you’ve read in Kayak.

The Norse in Canada

From Vinland to Helluland to Markland, the Norse left their mark on our country.

Progress for Women

Canadian women started to win the right to vote a century ago, but it took a long time for everyone to have the same rights.

Trading for Furs

Through 250 years of the fur trade, a whole way of life grew up for everyone involved.

Meet Our Leaders

Most of our Prime Ministers held office before video was common, but here are some famous PM moments and more.

Rebels and Resisters

These people cared passionately about changing Canada, but they were often willing to use violence.

Symbols of Canada

From our anthem to our animals, there are many things that represent Canada. Discover more about them here!

Canada at War

See how people from the Great War are remembered.

Canadian Castles and Forts

Sure we can tell you about our castles and forts, but you should see them for yourself!

Lights! Camera! Mmm!

Want to learn more about food in our past? Check out these videos!

The path to Confederation

Okay, so they didn’t have cameras 150 years ago when people first started talking about creating a new country. But we still have some cool videos for you.

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